May 5 2007
Bon Homme and Yankton Counties
South Dakota
A high risk day on the central and southern plains also held a lot of promise for
areas to the north as a warm front set up near the SD/NE border.
After wating in Yankton SD for the cells to cross the
river, we move into postion as Cullen does the
Sitting right under the shear marker.  Best seat in the house as
we will soon discover.  Note strong backing surface winds.
Weak surface inflow will not be a problem  today.
First tornado begins to form south of Tyndall, SD
This storm is flying north at over 50 mph!
Tornado touches down north of Tyndall, SD but we needed to drop off the torn due to flash flooding blocking the road
Second tornado rapid approaches us from the south.  It is not getting bigger, it is getting closer...VERY fast.
Third tornado rapidly forms in front of the second.  This storm means business as golf ball sized hail starts to fall on us.  Time to
back off to the east as this tornado is also moving over 50 mph and begins to hook to the northeast directly at us.
As we do our best to move out of the way, a spin up occurs just a few hundreds yards off to the side.
We bail about 1/2 mile off to the south east as the third tornado touches down very close to our previous location
This view made me reconsider my bail-out location.  Not the view if you lived in this trailer.
After dodging some minor debris, we take up our last position and head north after the tornado as an awesome multi vortex display
Flooding  would once again cut us off from continuing the chase.  As wet as it was, I am surprised we had any dirt to move at all.
Damage path as we try to get back on the east side of the storm and make a go at it one last time but it wasn't meant to be.  I
love  this shot of the local good samaritan keeping people who have already gone through the path from driving in the correct lane!
2007 Chase Home
Remember chasers, drive safe and don't block the
Or the dinosaur and grasshopper will get you.