Pipestone, Murray and Cottonwood Counties MN
This wasn't supposed to be a chase day.  It was supposed to be a travel day but
when the storms form right in the path of the way home, what the heck?  May
as well make the most of it.  Initiation in northern Minnehaha county of SD.
Outflow dominated storms from the get go.  With the extreme lack of shear an no cap, the storms
would go up, rain on themselves, then push hybrid shelf/roll clouds out in a circle away from the core.
Best SLC of the day near Iona in Murray county.  I was waiting for a spotter reported funnel
cloud on this feature as it was persistant but was SERIOUSLY undercut by cold outflow.
Another shelf cloud comes out of the north at us in Cottonwood county.  Top winds were measured at 32 mph.
Wall cloud...right?  WRONG...nothing more than the view looking west at the underside of a shelf in an area
with multi cell clusters.  A torn was issuesd shortly after this for a spotter reported funnel. I highly doubt it was
a funnel and much more likely a sharks tooth in a messy environment.
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