June 7th
Dunn, Chippewa, Rusk, Clark, and
Portage Counties Wisconsin
Cell north of Menomonie WI in Dunn county goes torn warned with a bunch of wild motion and no organization
Minutes later over Tainter Lake it becomes much better organized with an RFD evident and visable rotation in the lowering
Just outside of Colfax WI with the sirens blaring in the background
Let it go in Rusk county near Island Lake to go after the Clark county torn warned cell
I get to the Clark county cell and there is NOTHING left but a trucker reported a torn on it.  Um, yeah.  I went for
broke on the sup which hammered Wisconsin Rapids.  After skirting the hail core to get east of the cell and into the
notch at Stevens Point in Portage county, this is what came screaming up out of the southwest at nearly 70 mph to me
The meso was sitting nearly on the ground.  Was a little nervous as this was not only violently rotating, it was also
moving at a high rate of speed from left to right.  I backed off another mile or so and got hit by some modest RFD as it
flew off to the northeast.  Not a bad end to a day where I missed 2 tormadoes by less than 6 miles combined.  One of
these years I'll remember why I swear I'll never go back to Wisconsin.
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