July 18th
Humboldt, Wright & Hamilton Counties Iowa
2007 Chases Home
It was windy...
First line of storms near Britt IA looking to the west
Notice the little feeder band right under the forward flank updraft
Second line of storms and the real deal with 70+ mph winds near Dakota
City.  Yes, it really was this green out.  Vid capture from the VX2100.
Idea was to make it to Humboldt IA to film the wind hitting the town.  No way.
Had a huge issue with the lenses fogging up on all three of the cams today but
then again I was very near Algona, the dewpoint capital of Iowa.
Pretty common sight between Clarion and Blairsburg.  Lots
of 4"-6" limbs down in the shelter belths around the farms
Fire off interstate 35 on the way home.  Not sure if from a lightning stike but
it must have been pretty darn important with as many people were stopping
to gawk.  Decided to film it due to being such a big deal to so many people.
Clouds in Lakeville, MN