July 3rd
Wright County Minnesota
Good thing I had Cullen with today.  Somehow I was doing a good job of avoiding every warned storm but he convinced me
to stick with the last storm of the day as he noticed the VIL kept pulsing.  Here he is digging out one of the video cams.
Video grab of very persistent shear funnel / sharks tooth at the junction of Wright CR35 and CR3.  
Skywarn was looking for reportable condtions from this location.  Lasted about 2 minutes.  The old  
false shear marker on the leading edge was present also.
Whales mouth north of Cokato MN
Looking west under the passing shelf as we let it hit us again.  Top measured wind was 44.8 mph.
This thing kept producing sharks tooth after sharks tooth.  Dumped it at Watertown MN.
Final insult to the day.  A BEAUTIFUL orphan anvil over the house.
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