August 13
Morrison, Stearns, Sherburne Counties Minnesota
An extremely severe linear event spawns a beast supercell as it approaches the Twin Cities metro area
Killing time as we wait for either the cap to break or a tail end cell on a severe line to the north of us
East of Royalton MN what appears to be a massive shelf approaches.  Or is it?  Note right side of picture.
We duck back onto highway 10 and fly towards Rice, MN so we can cut back to the east.  Ian
Leonard from Fox9 expresses his concern for the area we were observing in the previous photo.
A poor road network combined with a storm flying to the southeast tests our ability to stay with the cell
which by now is obviously a massive supercell embedded as "tail end Charlie".  We kept ducking in and
out of 1" to 1.5" hail to stay near this feature.  Every time we tried to get closer, the hail size would
rapidly increase forcing us to back off or blast off to the south east.  No way to get into the hook on this
The cell goes tornado warned just as we hit the heavily wood area of eastern Big Lake township.  
View is looking to the southeast pretty much right over Elk River a little to the right of center.  
Precip quickly wrapped in with more 1" hail as we call off the chase as the storm looses its
tornadic characteristics on radar and enters a heavily urbanized area.  Hats off to the West Metro
and Stearns County Skywarn net control operators and the media who worked this event.  Was a
very impressive show and a job well done.
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