August 11th
Wright, McLeod, Carver Counties Minnesota
A severe hailer explodes right over our home so we do what any good chaser family does...we went after it.
Cullen shoots video for one of our media clients as the
outflow races at us near New Germany MN
Cailyn is destined to be part of this lifestyle also
Cailyn points out a wall cloud forming to our west
Note the camera :)
Wall cloud rapidly becomes more organized as we decide to head towards
it.  The outflow is still keeping it undercut so no tornado chance here.
I wondered how many storms this old barn has seen it it's lifetime
The leading edge of the storm pushes off to the east near Watertown MN as we head west
Straight north of Lester Prairie MN looking nortwest.  Scary looking but not at all
dangerous.  We call the NWS to make sure no one reports this as rotating or the scud tag as
a funnel.
Gusting out and time to head for home about 30 minutes away
2007 Chase Home