August 10th
Emmons County ND
Campbell, Walworth, and Potter Counties SD
We missed the tornado on the first cell in Emmons county ND
David Drufke checks out the mammatus
Dark skies over the North Dakota pairie country
A new base develops east of Strasburg ND as we head south
7 miles east of Hague ND looking SW at a tornado a long ways away
No idea if this was the tornado west of Mobridge SD
If this was the Mobridge tornado, it would have been nearly 50 miles away
One last look before it ropes out
Wicked tornado warned cell in Emmons county ND right on the border
Smoke from a grass fire ignited by a CG just a couple of minutes earlier
Cell dies out as it passes just to our north after pummeling us with the RFD in Herreid SD
Maybe a welcome sign?
Cullen is happy the chicken curse seems to be over
A new wall cloud forms under a cell in southern Campbell county SD
Still heading  south trying to beat the hail core on the Walworth county beast
If you can get a hook to show like this on WX Works, you know it is NASTY
A combination of a little daylight and lightning reveals a massive rotating wall cloud just to our west
After recovering from a critical navigation error which sent us down a dead end road, the vehicle is past
empty as we limp into Hoven SD to get gas.  No pay at the pump so ran into the Prairie Stop store to grab a
soda as Cullen, Dave, and Kristin did the same.  I come out first and see this coming right at us out of the
Thankfully it only lasted about a minute and roped out just to the left of this shot pulled off video.  Ironically,
Hoven has signs posted as you come into town stating they have a storm shelter and signs guiding you to it.
As the cells merged into a severe line, we get caught by the leading edge at Willlmar MN on the way home.  
This line would eventually hit the Minneapolis metro area causing widespread wind damage.
2007 Chase Home