August 4th
Cherokee County Iowa
2007 Chases Home
Initiation south of Sioux Center IA
The lucky chicken waits for a lightning strike
The chicken curse continues.  Into the corn!
Wide angle shot of developing wall cloud
Weak surface inflow of only 10 to 15 mph
Pointy thing under a wall cloud.  NOT a funnel.
For the saga of the
cursed rubber chicken,
please ready my July
26th blog by clicking
Lots of rising motion and very little spin.  It was slowly rotating but never looked like it was ready to produce.
Still very unorganized.  Wet RFD kept me moving.
NOW it gets tornado warned???
Stupid chicken is back
The storm tries just enough to keep me interested
Cool old house with yet another tornado-less storm
One last try before it totally dies near Aurelia IA
Non-severe storm over Storm Lake IA with Spencer in the foreground
2007 continues to be a real challenge...