April 30 2007
Southeastern Minnesota
Good shear, bad moisture...again.
After watching tower after tower die on the south side of the boundary, finally decided to go
look  at the elevated storms on the north side.  Chase partner Dave Drufke looks on.
Looking northwest from Dexter, MN on I 90.
The end cell finally comes past with some good motion under the updraft.  21 mph E/SE inflow at this
Taken from eastbound I90 rest area near Rochester, MN.
The rain curtains had some crazy motion at times moving left to right in the
front and right to left in the back.  Only lasted 10 minutes or so.
The cell had a well defined rain foot at this time while the inflow at our backs sustained
A small clear slot starts to cut into the back of the updraft as scud continues to rise into the
The cell soon chokes itself off and becomes outflow dominant as it moves off to the east.
Andrew Revering passes us on US 52 on the way home.
Just as Dave and I get back into the Minneapolis metro area, a second round of severe
storms enters from the west.  Updraft base of a cell near St. Thomas Academy.  Again, not a
great chase day.  But any day spent looking at the clouds is a good day.
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