September 16th
Brookings County SD
Lincoln, Redwood, Renville, Anoka Counties MN
Wall cloud over Brookings, SD looking southwest.
Tail cloud and beaver tail looking to the northwest
from White, SD.
Wall cloud looked very under cut at this point.
Inflow still streaming into the wall cloud.
Very nice wall cloud in Brookings county SD.
Wall cloud rapidly splits and this funnel appears.
Awesome storm for mid September
Brief touchdown looking southwest from near White, SD.
Tornado quickly ropes out.
Still amazed this produced as obviously undercut.
Funnel still persisting for a bit.
Roping out for good this time.
This was the first tornado my mom had seen since September 5th 1969!
Cullen pointed out maybe we should start looking to the,
yeah.  Same location as the funnel/tornado pics were taken.
Following the storm back into MN in Lincoln county.
Rainbow with low base over ripened fields near Ivanhoe, MN.
Unorganized updraft base in Lincoln county with new development.
Tornado warned storm on the Redwood/Renville County line.
Crazy inflow at 38 kts on this thing!  More fun in the dark!
Back of the tornado warned storm in Anoka county taken from St. Michael, MN.  This is the
cell which from which the fatal F2 tornado was spawned in Rogers, MN a few miles away.
2006 Chase Home
Video grab of lightning strike in front of the wall cloud.
From parent to parent, my
condolences to the family of
Jaymi Wendt
on their devistating loss.
Foot print in a corn field west of Rogers, MN where the initial touchdown of the fatal F2 tornado occurred.
Corn field south of the tornado track leaning to the northwest from apparent inflow into the forward flank.
First structural damage approximately  .5 mile to the northeast of the cornfield.
Tornado continued northeast.  Home in the back is the same as in the photo above.
Major structural damage directly across the road from the photo above.  From here the tornado would rapidly intensifiy
reaching F2 status and  will enter the heavily developed areas of Rogers, MN,  where unfortunately a 10 year old girl was killed.
Splintered utility pole in front of the Rogers High School.  All poles for approximately 1/8th of  a mile all looked like
this.  Sheared off approximately 6 to 8 feet off the ground.
Different lightning color variation of the back of the Rogers storm.
Possible tornado near Danube, MN