May 2 2006
Clark/Union County
South Dakota
Hail Storm
Congrats to all chasers who bagged the Kingsbury County tornado this day.  I still had a hail of a time!
Watching initiation from near Beresford, SD.  Cell is west
of Vermillion at this time. >30kt surface winds!
Nice rounded base and vault as cell moves over I29 at
Junction City, SD.  Very strong inflow at this time.
Watching the updraft pass just to the north of me. The hail roar was amazing!
Cell begins to rapidly weaken as it ingests cold air from
weak cells to the south.  Near Akron, SD.
A stormy Iowa sky near LeMars.
Sunset near Winthrop, MN on my way home to Renae's.
2006 Chase Home
Hail image!
We use Swift WX Professional on every
chase and highly recommend it's use for
your chasing success. - Bill and Cullen