June 30th
Douglas/Todd Counties MN
Sorry about the quality
of the photos.  I had
something set really
wrong on my camera.  
The new version of
SWIFT worked
Shelf cloud approach Alexandria,
MN.  52 mph winds reported at the
airport  Storm was moving about 55
mph east.
Another view of the shelf near Osakis,
MN.  Pic does no justice to this beautiful
storm.  LOTS of dirt going airborne with
this one!
Underside of the shelf near the intersection
of I94 and MN highway 4.
Only saw 1 CG with this storm!  
Everything was up in the clouds very
A stormy night in Minnesota.  Looking
north near Sauk Center, MN.
One last look before calling it a night at
2:30 a.m.
2006 Chase Home