June 24th
Wright and Sherburne Counties
Shelf cloud south of Clearwater, MN
Public report of a wall cloud and funnel.  Looking north from CR7 in
Wright County.  Called MPX to verify not a wall cloud and no funnel.
Wider view showing the lowering clearly attached to the underside of
the shelf.  All outflow at this time.
A few minutes later this is all that remained as the shelf sags to the east.
Now this is interesting.  Taken from the Silver Creek exit on I94.  Note
circular area to the left.  Looking north/north east.
Once it got to the west of Monticello, this lowering appeared.  I am
surprised this never was reported as a wall cloud.  No rotation.
Underside of the shelf cloud south of Monticello.
Stormy Saturday afternoon.
Public report of a wall cloud over Rogers, MN.  Looking east, Rogers is
just to the right of the rain core.  Obviously a outflow/shelf feature.
Close up of the Rogers report.  Notified MPX was not a valid report.
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