June 23rd
Meeker County MN
Nice supercell in Meeker County MN.  Undercut and outflow dominated, but still a fun little storm.
Had a nice hook echo, meso signature and 3D shear marker.  Check out that inflow to the right!
The setting sun provided some interesting light as we sat in the notch all evening.  That is dirt
getting sucked in.  Note weak RFD plume on the far left side of the photo.
Little wider view of the wall cloud, inflow tail and striations in the meso.
As the cell moved into McLeod county, it gusted out catching this smoke column.  Great example of the
mechanics of a shelf cloud with the inflow going up and over the front.  Pretty easy to see the gust area here!
Another shot.  Even in this slow year, I'm not crazy enough to try to say this was a tornado after the
devil-nado fiasco in South Dakota this spring.  I am actually surprised no one reported this as a weak tornado.
Blue skies near Montrose as we call it a night.
2006 Chase Home