June 14th
Big Horn County MT /Golden Valley County ND
Cell just east of I90 in Big  Horn County Montana.
Cell is supposed to be moving north and a little east with the core well to our west.
This was the warning sign.  Surging east unexpectedly.  No north option so we book  it east.
One last shot.
Looking back west as cell now lunges north.   The chaser on top of the hill to the right is in big trouble.
Hail fog covering the ground to the west where the small stuff fell.  We took tennis ball and golfball sized stones.
Shelf over canyon in Golden Valley county ND as we head east.
2006 Chase Home
Beautiful Montana landscape...and the hailer from hell in the back.
Heading east yet as we look back to the south west.
Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide!
Sharks Teeth.  115mph shear marker is directly overhead at this time.  Bad, bad, bad, bad.....
The average sized stuff which fell with the 80+mph winds.  Took out the windshield and added 8 new dents.
Golden Valley county ND tornado warned storm.  Looks pretty linear to me.  Spotternado!!!!
Cullen with the TIV while hanging out at a DQ with ROTATE and DOW 3.  Dropping Bob C's name sure makes friends fast!!