June 13th
Deadwood SD and Shannon County SD
2006 Chase Home
Initiation west of Deadwood SD as seen from Sturgis.
Looking west in Sturgis SD.
Shannon County cell as seen from north of Hot Springs SD as we play catch up.
Beautiful rounded base near Wounded Knee.  High based but pretty.
End of the day east of Pine Ridge, SD
This is the biggest chase hazard in MT.  Antelope...billions of them...all suicidal evidently.
Saw this picture coming...didn't you?  I'm used to cows, not this!
Dying cell to the north near Belle Fourche, SD
Base 7 miles south of Deadwood...watch that clear slot!
Funnel starting to form!!
Getting better organized!
Rear flank downdraft is very evident.
As good as it got before the RFD killed it!
The vault of the storm pretty much overhead!  Hail falling on us.
Storm falling apart as it heads slowly east over the high terrain.
You think that is hail Cullen?  Wait until tomorrow!
One for the folks back home.  When I told them we were headed to Shannon County, they said "wear the fox hat"...huh?
Great structure with a little lowering under the base.
A closer look west of Pine Ridge, SD
More amazing structure
Back of the cell as it dies
More amazing views  north of Pine Ridge
It is finished...