April 20th
Wright County
Well, this ended up being more interesting than expected with the closed vertically stacked low moving over Minnesota tonight.
2006 Chase Home
Updraft area with inflow band near Hanover, MN looking east.
Sure wasn't expecting this.  Just east of Buffalo, MN.
Near Hanover, MN.  Hail was pushing dime size.
Rainbow east of Buffalo as
the "shower" really got going.
Small cell starts to
initiate over
Buffalo, MN.
With light winds, extremely cold air aloft and
a pretty healthy updraft, the dreaded "cold
air funnel" appears near the Buffalo High
School.  View is looking southwest from just
east of Lake Pulaski. Total elapsed time was
about 2 minutes.  Note how it really
tightened up nicely for a couple of frames
from the video grabs.
Thanks to Eric Whitehill
for the updates and the
GR Level 3 screen shots.