Wright County
The city of Buffalo, MN got hit hard with high straight line winds taking down power lines,
large hail, and some serious flooding in my neighborhood from this storm.  The good Lord
looked down on this poor storm chaser tonight and spared my home from any damage.  
Thanks Big Guy for looking out for me and the kids once again.  The following shots are all
from the sup which came through before the main squall line.  Shot from just west of the city
of Buffalo.
2005 Chase Home
The morning after in my neighborhood.  
5"+ in a couple of hours.
Power poles pushed over in Buffalo on
CR 35 coming into town from the east.
A common sight in the driveways.  
Carpeting from the lower levels.  I'm sure
the sheet rock will be next.
18 hours later and little improvement in the
water receding.  Lake Pulaski rose to the
point of many docks being under water.
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