Grant County, MN
Non-severe cell in Grant County MN dropping
pea-sized hail.  Nothing else to look at of late
with the persistent cold low off to the east
rotating weak instability waves through the
area.  Note virga in the  foreground.
Look at the same "hail shower" as it drifts off
to the south west.  Near Herman, MN
Heading back north at the Ottertail/Grant
county line.  An ominous sky with more small
Weak shelf cloud passes overhead bringing a
wind shift and a brief downpour.
2005 Chase Home
Photos and webpage  by Cullen Doms, age 7.
As seen on:
Me and my sister hanging out in Fergus Falls, MN
at grandma's.  This is the memorial to the people
who were killed in the tornado that hit Fergus
Falls June 22nd 1919.
Popcorn showers started to appear by mid
afternoon with the warm sun and the cold air.
Dad wrote the rest of the stuff on here.  I took
the pictures.   - Cullen