May 17th
Lincoln and Custer Counties
2005 Chase Home
Lightning over our hotel in York, NE as we prepare for tomorrow.
Outflow kicking up the dirt as we head
south in Custer county.
Cells merge to form a squall line
RFD kicking in south of the alleged
"tornado".  Still west of North Platte, NE.
Sup elevates as it moves to the north east of North Platte.
Action area showing rotation and lots of rising motion west
of North Platte, NE.
Trying hard to form a funnel.  Incredible inflow winds
30-35 mph sustained!
Initiation west of North Platte, NE as
we fuel up and check road options.
Tower explodes into a full-blown classic dryline supercell.
Chase partner Joel Lampe puts on the
game face.
Looking for a little Husker luck today.
Miah Johnson, Joel Lampe, and Theresa Caspers
wait for the cell.
Close up of the action area.
Is this a sign of our Husker luck?  Must have been the helmet.
Note the metars.
The dirt plume just to the left of the cows was
recorded as an F0 tornado...go figure.
Never did produce.  Notice how the LCL's
have gone up since the first few shots.
Beautiful view over the Nerbraska landscape.
Cold outflow pushing out a huge piece of scud.
Rain/dirt foot north of North Platte.
Cell is going totally outflow as shelf starts to form.
Cell contimues to stretch out in a north/south fashion.
The first of many dry downbursts we will see.
Nebraska topsoil heading for Iowa!
Shelf overhead back near I-80.
Heading east for the night.