May 7th
Codington County, SD
Cell going up south of Watertown, SD as
Eric Whitehill, Rich Gudmunsen, Max
Gudmunsen, and Randy Nelson look on.
Odd feature on top of updraft tower.  Ice?
Spring field work can wait...1" hail being
reported under this near Florence, SD.
Nicely rounded, but elevated base as hail is reported
just up the road from us.
Beautiful views from the high area west of Sisseton, SD.
Eric Whitehill checks out some of the local bovine.
2005 Chase Home
Cattle not concerned as CG hits as cell passes to the west.
One last video grab of lightning over the South
Dakota prairie.
Back lit base
Elevated storm in northeastern South Dakota.
Interesting shadow cast of the open prairie.
Sunshower and rainshower in the same realm.
Base moves off to the north.
Waiting on drier days.
High based storm passes over a herd of cattle.