Pope, Stearns, Morrison and Mille Lacs Counties
This day was the pinnacle of my personal Chaser Hell Week.....too much second guessing myself.....9 tors
this day!
2005 Chase Home
Light show east of Buffalo in
Wright county.
Sky on fire...looking south east towards the
Minneapolis metro area.
Strong surface based updraft in Stearns
Updraft base and action area on Morrison/Mille
Lacs county line.  Storm was TOR warned
about  10 minutes later but never looked
Updraft area with rain curtains south west
of  Starbuck, MN in Pope county.
Taking scud up off the ground.  Public
reported a funnel on this cell...I don't think so...
The alleged "area of concern".  
Not well organized at all.
Beautiful area of contrast on the way home.