Redwood and Wright Counties
Beautiful mammatus over Lake Pulaski behind my house in Wright county.
2005 Chase Home
Wall cloud look alike in Wright county north of Winsted. All
cold outflow induced.  Note "inflow" is leaning the wrong way.
Video capture of CG as feature passes to the north of me.
Outflow actually ripped the wall cloud off the
base as pushes it off to the east.
This is NOT a wall cloud.  Totally linear and
outflow dominant.
Brief wall cloud in Wright county.  Weak
rotation but rapidly getting undercut by cold
As seen on:
Photo of non-tornadic shear funnel in Redwood
county on SEV cell south of Franklin, MN.
New cell initiating in Redwood county north
west of Redwood Falls.
Pretty shadows being cast by the towers.
One more time as the storm lines out.
Great mammatus show back home in Buffalo!