June 7th
Dunn County
2005 Chase Home
Near Wheeler, WI on tornado warned storm but
doesn't look like much.
We managed to get under the base with a nice
lowering and some rotation.
About this time a "tornado" was being reported with the
north  "wall cloud"....hmmmm.  I'm glad this didn't make the
The #&^%! trees are bad enough!  A nice funnel
finally forms in front of us in a "tree-free" zone
only to have 1" hail wrap in and distort the video
while zoomed in.  $$!%%$$ Wisconsin.
A pretty updraft as we head back to Minnesota
and fewer trees for the most part.
As seen on:
I'm sure Wisconsin is a very nice state to
live in.  Once a year I venture to the land
of cheese and remind myself why I
always vow never to return to chase in
this beautiful state.  I have officially left
the state for the rest of the 2005 chase
This is what most of the chase looked like.