Brown County KS
Awesome CG pounds the earth as I
move into position on the wall cloud.
Cell starting to get it's act together just south of Powhattan,
KS in Brown County.
Just when the storm would start to
look good, it would go back to junk.
Sometimes everything just falls into place.  After most
chasers dumped this cell to head south to Manhattan,
KS, this cell decided it meant business.  For those who
stuck around, we were rewarded by witnessing one of
the most spectacular tornadoes of 2005.
Only to tighten up and again look
like a good super cell.
Close up of the wall cloud and tail feeding the action area.
20kt infow at this time.
Tornado makes a jog to the north east.  
Beautiful stove pipe.
Jogs straight east and rapidly grows in size. Crosses the road less
than a mile away.  Yes, I was aware of the RFD and the poles.
Wall cloud start to develop as the cell moves
towards me from the southwest.
Tornado rapidly grows in size and strength to my west.  Very
obvious this tube is moving north east and not east.
Vid capture showing copious amounts of debris as the
twister strikes a farmstead in Brown County.
Tornado rapidly dissipates as the occlusion is complete and cuts
off the inflow.  Awesome tornado with a significant track.
I usually refrain from posting personal loss photos, but this is a
reminder of the power and devistation tornados leave on
peoples lives.  The farmer who lived here was OK but lost most
of his out buildings.  I stayed with him until the deputies arrived
to help.  Testament to how fickle these can be....it left the
house but leveled his barn to the concrete about 100 feet away.  
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This one was for you
Alex...thanks for the
This time it was obvious the cell meant business with strong
inflow and a thick stinger.  Note corn leaning towards the wall
After a quick repositioning, initial touchdown occurs near
Powhattan as the meso goes absolutely nuts.
Vid capture of a large tree going for
it's last ride in the foreground.
Vid capture of the tornado picking up forward speed with a
fair amount of debris present.
Video capture of tornado shows violent rotation at this point
throwing large pieces of debris well away from the funnel.
More debris as the tornado strikes some kind of structure  to the
southwest of Pocahontas KS.
Ben Leitschuh, who was also there for the entire life cycle,
snapped this pic.  Thanks Ben!
Video capture of CG hitting behind the tornado.  Awesome site
to behold as the tube continues to grow in size.
Video capture showing the tornado and wall cloud about as
wrapped up as possible before it starts to occlude.
Ben and I lost the cell in the riverbottoms near White Cloud
Kansas.  The cell did go on to produce more tornadoes in
John and Jamie Wetter, Scott Woelm, and Shaun
Kelly shot some impressive video.  3 different tornado
touchdowns near highway 169.
This rope was extremely unstable with the ground contact
sweeping several hundred yards back and forth in a N/S
The end of the show.
Alexander John Sahlberg
August 22 1986 - April 13
The dark area I'm driving over is the actual damage path.  
Notice the gravel has been scoured off the road and the
vegetation has been ripped out of the ground.  Also, no power
lines in the one area where the tornado crossed the road.  
Lucky for us.
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