Wright County Minnesota
There we go! The tilt towards the core! Still a
little undercut but gathering strength.
My daughter and I were on our way to a family
gathering when I decided a detour was needed
as we headed south of Buffalo, MN. Note
developing wallcloud but no tilt towards the rain
core yet.
Well developed now. Not much rotation though. Not
much for inflow so decided it was a nice surpise and
we continued on our way. I was SHOCKED to hear
the TOR warning for Sherburne county about 30
minutes later as the cell went straight north. Note
next cell coming up from the south (left). Pics are
from about 3pm.
Cell near Delano looking south over highway 12.
Goofy cells as moving north with precip falling to the
west of the updrafts.
2004 Chase Home