Central and East Central Iowa
Outflow boundary from early severe MCS over central and eastern Iowa.
I extend my sympathies to all who suffered loss this day.
Tornado near Grundy Center, IA. looking to the east.  
Note smaller funnel on left side of pic.This was pretty
much the story of the day for us...about 1/2 step
behind watching from the cheap seats. Frustrating, but
better than Wednesday's bust.
Enhanced crop and blow up of the video the capture
to the leftt came from. Not the best quality but is a
pretty good example of the elements which make up
a ground contact.
10 miles W/SW of Shellsberg, IA looking SE. This
will hammer Palo, IA within minutes.  Quickly
became rain wrapped and we lost visual.
How is this for low LCL's? Almost looks like fog!
100 yard wide swath of trees mangled by what may
have been a rain wrapped tornado south of Anamosa,
IA. Sorry, no pic of the tornado unless you want to
see a white-green wall!
Mud totally covering the road as we head north out
of Cedar Rapids, IA.
Ominous view to the west as we approach
Waverly, IA
New development to our
northwest as we head home.
Huge rotating supercell with very low base just
outside of Waverly, IA. Nearly dark out now.
Spectacular shelf coming at us with high winds.
TOR warned as we drop south then head through
Denver, IA before nightfall finally puts an end to the
chase.   Great bonus to the day.
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