Northeast SD, Southeast ND, Western MN
2004 Chases
Waiting on the ND/SD border north east of
Britton, SD. Temp differential was 25 degrees
over three miles on a N/S axis. WOW!!
Rapidly rising scud and outflow circulating
around the base near Christine, ND. View
is looking to the north east.
Just north of Christine, ND looking east towards
Wolverton, MN.  Poor contrast funnel
approximately 1/3 to 1/2 way to the ground. Insert
above gives location.
I 94 at Barnesville, MN looking to the south
east.  A big funnel  about 2/3 of the way
down. Insert above gives location.
Rapidly developing wallcloud near Barnesville,
MN. Rain wrapped for the most part by we
lucked out and got a short glimpse.
Same development about 3 minutes later.  
Horrible lighting even with us sitting in the bears
Funnel tightens up. People in front of us
were pretty freaked out. Passes just to our
south as the tail cloud passes overhead.
This would go on to produce the tornado
near Dunvilla, MN about 15 miles to our
east.  Too many tree to chase there.
Heading down I 94 towards Rothsay.
MAJOR LEAGUE scud bomb!