Wright, Meeker, McLeod, and Carver  Counties
Rain foot with high winds from outflow near
Cokato, MN
This cell is TOR warned at the time but obviously
no threat...but one heck of a nice shelf!
This is one of the best gustnados I have ever seen
as it churns in front of us near the Hutchinson airport.
Remember the rain foot? Now, it is the dirt foot!  Not
good as we are about to be eaten just north of
Hutchinson, MN.
This thing really got cranking in the field right next to
us. HATS OFF to the Hutchinson SKYWARN spotters
for not reporting this.  I'm sure many people passing
this thought it was a tornado.
The ciculation broadens out as it dies after about a
minute and a half. The video of this is really
convincing unless you knew what was going on at
cloud level.
Mammatus on the south side of Buffalo, MN
The view over Buffalo Lake as we get home.
The sunset over our street.
2004 Chase Home
Click here for photos of the tornado warned storm in Buffalo, MN!