June 30th
Hennepin County MN
Updraft base of severe warned cell in
Hennepin County.  Looking west
from near 394 and 169.
Different view showing sheared
tower with anvil.  Notice action area
under the updraft.
Wall cloud with nice tail reaching
into the precip.  Weak rotation but
called it in to MPX after about 10
minutes anyhow.
This was about as much as it
tightened up.  More rise than spin.  
Oh well, still fun to watch.
Storm goes linear and rushes forward
with a nice rain foot surging to the
Wider view showing the rain foot a
lot better.  Not too bad of a little cell
in the metro.  Jeff Baumgartner has
some awesome footage of this
downburst slamming the Crystal
2004 Chase Home