June 27
Meeker County Minnesota
If you don't go, you won't get to see it!
The following stills were shot by my 6 year old son Cullen.
2004 Chase Home
Southwest of Eden Valley, MN
looking to the north east .
Same location looking to the
Looking to the northwest at a
second cell from the same
location near Eden Valley.  All
I'm going to refer to the lowered
area from here on is an "area of
Same area of interest as we
head west.  Note suspicious
clearing cutting in from the left
Looking back to the east at the
first  cell as the shelf goes
Back to the second cell to the
west.  Lots of vertical motion in
the center and in the "tail cloud".
Further south near Manannah,
MN looking back at cell #1 to
the east.
Looking back west.  Tons of
vertical motion still but el zippo
for rotation..for now.
Now this is very interesting.  
This feature is coming off the
lowering  pictured above as it
passes overhead,  Note scud
tags directly under it as well.
Are you sure you are seeing
what you see?  So far I have
seen a suspicious lowering with
a tail and lots of rising motion
into one area pretty consistently.
A couple of minutes later it
becomes a pencil funnel like
thingy.  Should I call it in?
Still there.
Congratulations!  You have just
witnessed the lifecycle of a
sharks tooth, one of the most
mis-reported features  of an
outflow dominated storm.  In
the words of Scott Woelm,
S.A.W.  Make the right call.
Rainbow over the lake by our
house to end the day.  We went,
we saw it.