June 12th
Pocahontas and Humboldt Counties
Northwest Iowa
2004 Chase Home
Original target was Carrol
county IA this day after seeing
the early convection go up.  
Was hoping the most northern
cell may try to break off the line
and follow a boundary which
was lying on a SW/NE axis
through northern IA into south
east MN.   TOR box went up
on the way down but I had my
doubts of anything really going
tornadic in this area.

This is the northen cell east of
Pocahontas IA looking northeast.
The cell did break off for a
short period and was able to
feed off the south east inflow.  
View is looking to the northeast  
in Pocahontas county still.
The only thing I saw all day
which tried to look like a wall
cloud.  Tornado warned but
sure doesn't look tornadic.
Gotta love pointy things during a
tornado watch.  This is a shark's
tooth of sorts looking to the south.
Here comes the outflow and starts
stretching the rounded base out into the
line to the south.  Show is over...or is it?
Looks like the shelf will be
taking over  from here on.  A 60
mph gust was reported with this
as it is now in Humboldt county.
Awesome view of the shelf as it comes
over the Humboldt airport.  Saw people
on the golf course across the road looking
up in surprise.  Like they couldn't see it
coming for 20 miles.
Took this on the way home as these are the
bases which would form into the cell which
prompted the SEV warning in Anoka, Hennepin,
and Ramsey counties later.  They took their
sweet time to get going!  S-L-O-W...

Nice chase as was still home by 10pm!