July 20th
Southeast South Dakota
Talk about EXPLOSIVE development!  These pics were taken only about 10 minutes apart!  Near Plankinton, SD
2004 Chases Home
Heading towards  the base
looking east after dropping south.
Weak wall cloud.  Persistent but
no rotation to it.
Don't let eagerness overcome
the obvious.  Know what you
are looking at!
Base tries to lower with some
weak rotation southeast of
Stickney, SD.
Staring into the vault
Really trying to wrap up.
Beautifully rounded base near
Hillside, SD.
Round bales on fire from lightning strike.  
The farmer came and moved the bale
shortly after this.  Cullen got a little
carried away using Photoshop on this one.
Lowering with weak rotation.  
Hail really picking up at this
point.  Not a lot but the chunks
falling were pushing 1"+.
Was thinking may have a
chance at a tornado as the
visual rotation was really
Visibility was really bad as
precip wrapped in as the cell
took on a more HP stage.  I
really though it was going to
tornado at this point.
One last try before the hail
caused me to back off to the
Right under the edge of the wall
cloud as the hail starts fall.
Decided to drop off the storm as it was
going outflow dominant and lining out.  
Pretty view over the James River.
Kind of a cool view just west of Sioux
Falls, SD at a sheared, rotating mini-tower
complete with inflow bands!  To quote
Scott Woelm..."COOOOOOL!!"