July 10th
Kidder and Stutsman Counties
North Dakota
2004 Chases Home
Cell approaching the
Burleigh - Kidder County line
Cell was showing being
a little outflow
dominant as the surface
winds stayed mainly
north east.
Moved a little further
east to catch the "stack
of plates" look of the cell.
Wonder what the train
workers think when
they need to go under
stuff like this?
Updraft area getting
undercut.  Nice rain foot!
This area did have intense
erosion going on for a few
seconds.  Right after this the
RFD was kicking up dirt like
Kidder county north of I94.  TOR
warned but never looked like it was
getting close to producing.Too much
outflow and poor surface winds.
Stutsman county produced one of
the strangest updrafts I have ever
seen.  Can you say "tapping the
surface moisture?"
The base explodes into a
beautiful scene.  Looking
Looking back to the
northwest at the cell.
Looking north.  Yes, Jamestown,
ND is somewhere in there!
The little town of  Montpelier
about to get thumped.  Not a
good time to live in the valley!
Severe storm entering the Fargo,
ND area as we call it a night under
the light show.
To this day I still can't figure out if
this is a power flash or a CG
under the meso.  I'm thinking CG.