August 26th
North Central Iowa
Humboldt, Wright, and Boone Counties
2004 Chases Home
Explosive development
near Ft. Dodge, IA
looking to the
northwest.  Cell is near
Pocahontas at this time.
Meso with extremely
low base at Humboldt,
Entering Humboldt, IA
from the south.
I only included this pic
to point some things out.  
Look on either side of
the yield sign and just
over the roof tops.  Now
that is LOW!
Looking south at
Humboldt at the left side
of the meso away from
the action area.
Extremely low base
coming overhead with
rapidly intensifying
rotation.  Time to call in
the report.
Looking north at the tail
feeding into the wall
cloud just about directly
over head.  TVS on radar
now for this exact point.
Brief funnel looking
south as it tracks rapidly
from SW to NE in front
of us.  Surface winds
rotated from SE to E to
N to W as this passed
from right to left.
Wild rotation as action
area moves east.
Large funnel?  NO!!  
This is scud from cold
outflow looking to the
NW as cell loses it's
tornadic traits.
Wall cloud!  Right?  NO!  Cold
NW winds blowing at me.  Going
outflow dominant as shelf is
forming.  Cell still is registering a
meso signature but obviously no
tornadic threat at this time.
Looking north at the underside of
the rounded base.  The cell
elevates and starts to die.
Lightning as traffic zips by in
Ames, IA as we call it a night
at Subway.
Lightning illuminates the
tower of a severe cell east of
Des Moines nearly 90 miles
away to our south!