August 8th
Sherburne, Isanti and Mille Lacs
2004 Chases Home
Sherburne county
rainbow to end the day.
Storm moves to the east
just north of Princeton,
MN over highway 169.
Northwest of Princeton
looking at either a tail
cloud or a roll cloud.  
Didn't have much
motion moving from
right to left yet showed
no forward surge...????
Possibly forming into a
roll cloud?  Not in the
correct position????
Very low laminar base
northwest of Princeton
looking to the northwest.
Base with interesting
lowering northwest of
Princeton, MN.
Weak tornado begins to
Still moving to the east.
Still moving to the east.
Weak tornado 3 miles east of
Zimmerman, MN off
Sherburne CR4 looking north..
Chase partner Theresa Caspers
relays the report to NWS-MPX.
Wall cloud in
Zimmerman, MN at
junction of Sherburne
CR4 and highway 169.
Our storm going up as myself and
Theresa Caspsers wait in Monticello,
MN.  This ended up being a pretty
eventful chase with everything from a
weak TOR to a car in the ditch
requesting help to copious pea sized
hail driven in 50 mph winds bringing
I35 north to a halt!
Southwest of
Zimmerman, MN
looking at wall cloud,
RFD occlusion and
possible funnel.