April 28th
Stearns, Morrison and Mille Lacs Counties
This was a rather odd day with the SPC's on and off again with the slight risk.   I hung around home watching a 500mb
vort max coming out of SD and decided to play the edge of the cap and a modest moisture plume was present.   My
original target was Brainerd, MN but didn't have to go quite that far to get on the southern most storm.
Birth of the cell north of Avon, MN.
North of Holdingford, MN
Getting better organized but extremely high based.
LCL's were too high due to the T/Td spread.
Developing wall cloud SW of Little Falls, MN
Circulation tightens up as we sit in Belle Prairie on
highway 371.
The first dry micro burst slams the ground right next to
us off highway 371 north of Little Falls.
Wider shot of the view in Belle Prairie.
Between cycles it takes on a shelfy look.
Only to tighten up and rotate like crazy again!
This thing was a BEAST!  Great job by NWS-MPX
and Rick making the right call again.  No matter how
mean this looks, there was no way this was going to
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