4-18-04 PDS Tornado Box in Minnesota
Stearns, Wright and Sherburne Counties
Buffalo to St Cloud to Elk River and back to Buffalo.  1 TOR warned cell, 4 SEV's and a
nasty core punch on a squall line on the way home.
Just north of Clearwater Lake on the Stearns/Wright
county line. This cell will go Doppler TOR warned about
10 minutes after this pic was taken.
Developing base near St Cloud.
Same feature about 2 minutes later.  Not really a well
defined wall cloud, but the collar was cool.
Evidently this slight lowering and rotation on
radar is will  trigger the TOR warning shortly.
Same photo with some contrast enhancement to
show apparently a undercut high based wall cloud
and the rain foot.
Talk about high based!  Sheesh!  TOR warned cell
now looking north.  Nice rain foot though.
Eric Whitehill called to let me know 1" hail was
falling from this!  Great hail core!
Linear SEV cell #1 north of Monticello.
Linear severe cell #2 near Elk River with some
nasty tree dowing winds.  No, I did not stay under
the power lines!
Linear severe cell #3 near Rogers, MN
No bugs on the windsheild after this nasty core
punch on the way home! Heading west on 55.
Linear severe cell #4 near Maple Grove/Plymouth.  
Great job by the SKYWARN spotters in the area not
reporting this as a funnel cloud as all outflow!
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