May 4th
Kansas City and Richmond Missouri
Initiation to the southwest of
the Kansas City metro area.
Damage producing tornado in
Gladstone, MO.
Rotation tightens up just off
highway 169 in Gladstone, MO.
Large tornado to the north of
us near New Richmond, MO.
Damage from the features above.
Large areas of trees totally
2003 Chase Home
My chase partners (Melanie Metz,
Peggy Willenberg, Rob Koch, and Cy
Dodson) and myself  extend our
sympathies to all who suffered
personal loss this day and commend
the NWS for an outstanding public
service job.  Dealing with tors is  
stressful enough.  Having a cyclic
supercell in  a major metro area
definately was the worse case scenario.
More sheared off trees and roofs.