June 24th 2003
Hennepin, Wright, and McLeod Counties
2003 Chase Home
Tornado warned cell in the metro.  Shot north
of highway 55 off Vicksburg lane in
Plymouth looking to the east.
Poor contrast analog video capture of the
wall cloud .  Looking east from CR 9 in
This was being reported as a funnel by
spotters. I did not observe any rotation.  
Taken on  the south side of Buffalo, MN on
highway 25 looking northwest.
Night shot video capture of meso with
lowering on torn warned cell approaching
Hutchinson, MN in McLeod county.
Tail cloud feeding in to wall cloud
blocked by trees.  Shawn Hewitt and
Joel Lampe had a great view on the
other side of this cell.  NWS-MPX was
very concerned fo the city of