June 23rd 2003
Meeker County Minnesota
2003 Chase Home
On our way home after dropping off the
Strom Tours guests, this cell goes up just to
the east of Marshall, MN.
We get under the storm near Cosmos, MN
and are amazed by the wall cloud and
awesome feeder band to the south.
Cell is now torn warned.  Rapid rotation
and the storm is hardly moving to the
north.  We could walk after this one.
Quick glance to the south east.  The
contrast isn't that great but look at that
inflow band to the south.  WOW!
Scott Woelm and Shaun Kelly were on the
other side of this cell which looked like a
barrel on the inflow side.  Awesome pics!
Storm is still pretty healthy but really
lacking a good RFD punch to make the
thing tornado for us.
Sheriff-nado!  LOL!!  Just because it is
under a wall cloud and is pointing to the
ground, it is not a funnel or a tornado.
One last look under the wall cloud before the
storm totally puked.  The girls met up with
Doug Keisling to upload video of this for
TWC on the way home.  Fun!