June 22nd 2003
Hamilton and York Counties Nebraska
Sitting on the York / Hamilton county
line.  This is the same storm which
dropped the record hail stone in Aurora,
A huge outflow gust hits us as we stop to see
what the cell is going to do.  Peggy
Willenberg testing out the hair spray as Strom
Tour's guest, Bob, holds on to his hat.
Getting dark as we head east.  Dirt
getting thrown into the air as
gutnadoes spin up under the edge.
2003 Chase Home
This was frustrating day as we sat to
the north on the warm front and
watched cell after cell die as it crossed
the boundary.  Blasted south to the
stronger cells and actually core
punched the cell which produced the
Aurora, NE mammouth hailstone.  We
got lucky this time.