June 21st 2003
Hyde County South Dakota
2003 Chase Home
Explosive development as the cap breaks
along the dry line north of Chamberlain, SD.  
Helping Storm Tours out for a couple of days.
Base after driving through some hail north of
Highmore, SD.
Looking north at one of the cells.
Looking west at a base as the sun sets on the
summer solstice.
Precip falling out of a new severe warned cell
as we travel south.
We get around to the updraft area where we
watch a rapidly rotating wall cloud just to the
Close up of the wall cloud now undercut and
gusting out.
Peggy Willenberg, Andrew Revering, Scott
Weberpal and Storm Tour's guest "Bob".  
Chris Gullickson was here somewhere.
One last try with some occlusion.  Visited
with David Gold and his group before calling
it a day.
Little wider shot of the base and wall could
from earlier.