June 11th 2003
Lyman and Hughes Counties South Dakota
2003 Chase Home
Gotta love it when your target 24 hours
out has the storm of the day go up right on
top of you!  Peggy Willenberg, Rob Koch,
and myself were on this trip.  Holy shear!
The base of our storm as it goes severe
north of Vivian.  We can already tell we
are in touble as far as a road network and
the Missouri River being in the way.
Beautiful storm.  All we need now is a
road going to the east and a wall cloud.  
This was one of the most beautiful super
cells of the year.
The storm passes in front of us as we
struggle to find roads to get us east and north.
Now we are in business!  We have a wall
cloud with rapid rotaion and no roads to
keep with the the storm!
Really get wrapped up now.  Rich
Gudmunsen to the south sees a brief dust
whirl under this feature but we can't get there.
We blast north to cross the river at Pierre,
SD as another moster updraft explodes just
to the east of us.
New camera and bad focus while shooting
through the window.  This could have been a
very pretty picture!
Going east out of Pierre, SD.  Check out the
hail curtain wrapping around the base on this
storm.  Still not sure there was not a torn on this.
Back to the south just out of Reliance, SD.  
This is going to be a great position if this cell
DOW's confirmed this as a torn.  This storm
was gorgeous.  There are no photos to do it
This was a great chase.  Memories of  Peggy
showing off her driving skills in the mud,
Rob throwing 2" hail stones at me, and
getting passed up by and antelope will keep
this chase as one of the best ever.

Thanks Peggy and Rob....I think.