June 9th
Keya Paha and Holt Counties Nebraska
First tornado of the day near Mills,
Nebraska.  The rotation on this
was pretty good but rated an F0.
Second tornado of the day forming
near Stuart, NE.
Touches down for what will be the most
well behaived tornado I have ever seen
for the next 11 minutes.
Tornado crosses the road missing a farm place by
less than 100 yards.  This tormando passed
between Storms Tours and myself by about a mile.
The best place for a tornado.  Out in the
middle of nothing.  Did come close to
hitting a herd of cows.
Their view looking to the north at
me sitting in thre middle of the
2003 Chase Home
Meso and wall cloud in rural Holt county
Sun burst looking to the east.
Storm moves off to the east as I run out of road options.  Craziest convection I have ever seen.
Zoomed in view on the Mills,
Nebraska tornado
Tornado moving east.  Thankfully
the hail was not too bad
considering my location.
Now moving a little more to the north east.  A
little concerned about RFD and the
powerlines at this time.
Andrew Revering, Peggy Willenberg, Melanie
Metz, Eric Anderson and Mike Lizakowski on
the other side of the damage path.
Third tornado warned cell of the
day with massive meso and wall
cloud.  Looking north.
RFD just rips this to shreads
within minutes but still a beautiful
storm and a great way to end the