June 28th 2003
Hennepin County Minnesota
Earlier in the afternoon, this severe cell
went up on the Wright/Stearns county line
leaving a great outflow boundary for later.
This was the show of the day about 7:30
pm when this supercell really got cranking
on the OFB.  Note wall cloud and
beavertail going off to the east.
Approaching the base off CR30 in
Corcoran.  Doug Keisling was getting nailed
by near baseball sized hail in Burschville
about now.
Close enough to the base at this point.  John
Wetter has some awesome shots from this
cell on the other side.
Wall cloud goes overhead with the tail cloud
right in front of us.
Needle funnel near Carlson Parkway in
Minnetonka.  Cell pretty much puked  now.
2003 Chase Home