July 19th 2003
Stearns County Minnesota
This was one of the strangest storms I have
ever chased.  Moved almost straight south.  
Take north of St. Anna looking north.
Wall cloud on the east side of the cell.  
Chasers in Holdingford, MN getting cored
by hail at this point.  See Meredith
Lindrud's chase account for more info.
Notice the infow coming in from the east.  
Not much for rotation but very persistent.  
Cell is about to go torn warned.
I heard a report of this appendage under the
wall as a funnel but was nothing more than
rising scud.  No rotation was noted.
Wall goes over us north of Avon, MN.  
Rich Gudmunsen and Theresa Caspers
have some awesome video of this shot from
the south.
Inflow tail just screaming in from the east.  
Small hail and 30kt inflow winds were
making it interesting at this point.
North of New Richmond now.  Still
persistent, still on the south east side of the
cell.  Strange indeed.
Looking to the west as cell starts to take on
a more traditional linear-shelf look to it as it
continues to dive to the south.
After a few quick words of greeting with
Scott Woelm and Shaun Kelly, continued
south as the cell passes over New
Richmond.  Followed the cell south into
Meeker county where another torn warning
was issued for Meeker with rotation near
Cedar Mills.  
Tadd Paris has a shot of the
funnel on his site. This also ended up the
last real chase of the year up here.  How
fitting the oddest storm would be the last.
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