July 6th 2003
Grant and Douglas Counties Minnesota
Shear funnel as we approach the storm near
Barrett, MN.
This is still under dispute to this day.  
Several other chasers reported a touchdown
on this but we were too far away to say for
sure.  EXTREMELY short lived funnel.
Wide view of the meso with large beaver tail going off to the southeast.
My son Cullen waits to see if the cell will
produce for us.
Wild wall cloud with awesome tail (with
hail) approaches us south of Evansville, MN.
Wall cloud passed nearly overhead and
looks like it could produce at any time.
Rapid rotation with the RFD cutting in.  
Time for do or die for this cell.
The RFD is too much and rips the rotation
apart.  Obviously undercut and gusting out.
Shot with the 35mm south of Evansville and
near Brandon, MN.
One more 35mm scan as the RFD starts to rip the wall cloud apart.
Weak wall cloud with tail near Garfield, MN.
Thanks to Theresa Caspers for sending me
this shot.  (L-R, Craig Sherwood, Cullen
Doms, and Rich Gudmunsen taking the storm
Cell starts to die and move off into the lakes
area and bad chase territory.  What a storm!  
Nearly 3 hours on the same cell.
Video grab of the mammatus on the way
home on the Douglas/Todd county line.
2003 Chase Home
Eric Whitehill meets up with us at Osakis,
MN to take in the show.
Inflow tail near Alexandria, MN.
Now this is what I call getting up close and