April 30
Northern Missouri
Harrison and Nodaway Counties
Initiation northwest of Maryville, MO.  
Peggy Willenberg, Melanie Metz and
myself work to get position on this thing.
Note time stamp compared to pic to
the left.  Infow screaming in from the
east as we navigate a tough road
Lightning strike east of
Maryville under the wall
cloud.  Great shape to it.
Looking northwest at the tail
cloud feeding in.  Time to
move east again
Just as we start east, a HUGE pop
can forms to our north.  This thing
could produce at any moment!
Still heading east as the sun breaks
through from the west providing an
interesting view.
A rope vorticy forms directly
overhead.  Time to get out of the
way and head to the south.
Roger Hill and his guests are
making the same move to get
better position on the storm.
Nice view of some sharks teeth as
we near Bethany, MO to the east
of 1 35 yet.
Action area/wall cloud goes
through a outflow transition period
as the cell begins to cycle.
One last try to the east of Bethany as a new
updraft area forms but it doesn't last.  Time
for the 5 hour drive home.  
See more of this
event from Peg and Mel here.
2003 Chase Home